Local work

As a local expression of God’s love many members have been involved in the community in different ways.
The principle organisations members are involved in at the moment are:

Stockport Christian Counselling

As a response to need within the churches and wider community SCC was set up over 23 years ago. After serving many years as a counsellor Kevin now jointly heads up the venture which has several venues across the Stockport region offering free counselling to those who need it.

Chaplaincy Team – Stepping Hill Hospital

For years now Janet and others have been part of the hospital team offering support and prayer to those who value it while they struggle with health issues.

Christian Vision for Men

For many years now we have been involved in the local expression of the national vision for reaching out to men. We have organised many events through the years but at the moment have 2 breakfasts a year which are very popular.

Manchester City Mission

Manchester City Mission and their work with the homeless in Manchester. MCM provide accommodation and support to the homeless to help them off the streets.

The Mill

The Mill is a local youth initiative run by churches together in Bramhall. They provide a base for young people to access and find out about Jesus.


Part of the original call of our house church movement was to reach out into the world. Although we are a relatively small church we have seen many from our ranks serve overseas, from China to Africa, in both short and long term projects.
Our prayer meetings are often taken up with praying for Gods work around the world.
At the moment we financially support 3 missionary situations:

Rebecca and Pravin

Rebecca and PravinIndia
Rebecca went through our Sunday School before studying to be a nurse and then going out to serve in India. There God called her into work with children from the slums. She also met her husband Praveen out there and together they minister to those on the margins of city life.

Caitlin and Shephen

Caitlin came to our Church as a young Christian and was called out to Africa. There she met her husband Shephen and they spent many years in Mozambique helping to spread the gospel of Jesus after the troubles had torn the country apart.
They are now back in this country but still very much involved with YWAM in Africa.


Caroline was a member of our Church after she came back from doing God’s work in France. She was then called to Cambodia for bible translation work with Wycliffe.
At the moment she is back in this Country awaiting Gods next call on her life.